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Posted on 2 October, 2015 at 14:44
What a busy time it has been at Stoneridge!
     Everyone has put in incredible hours to make sure everything gets done!

     I had to work this past Friday night (cold beer is NOT just going to serve itself). I received a text message asking for provisions.  At 4:20 am I locked the door behind me at work, hopped in the dirt covered chariot and made two quick stops. First they needed energy drinks, and then coffee and breakfast sandwiches to feed 6 up-all-night young men (well, 5 young. One is decidedly older!). Then it is off to Monkton, where corn silage was being shuttled from the field to the bunk and packed in for the coming year. It was still pretty comfortable weather, so my window was down, my radio was up and I was off!  I got home a little bit after 7 am, and crawled in to bed for a few hours.

uh-oh, have to sign off for a bit, have to research soft white winter wheat and watch for the Purolator guy who is expediting a part straight to the farm...

ok. back to the task at hand, for now anyway...

     I would like to take some time to introduce you to "the others"... 
     Stoneridge Acres was started a number of years ago, and has morphed in to Stoneridge Custom Farming. It is a family based business, but a few years ago the realization came that the family was not going to be able to Custom Farm without help.
Since our baby having years are well behind Farmer and I, it was time to hire people to help see his vision through.

     What an adventure the hiring process can be. You can place ad's in all kinds of publications, online, newspapers, farming publications... and then you wait.... and wait.... and then you get an email from someone in another country who has not ever farmed, but would love to come to Canada.

   There was no reason to put out the advertisements, because it turns out he lived about 15 minutes away, and was friends with the farm kids.
 Jeff came to the farm first.  I wonder how easy it was to transition in to a family business.  it can not have been easy. Did he have moments where he felt like he was the odd man out? Did he understand how they communicate with each other?  It is like watching people speak in code, like teenage girls who make up their own language, that only they understand.
    Jeff is friendly and smiling and had to break the ice, for that he deserves a lot of credit!  He is always ready with story to entertain, and you can hear his laugh across the yard. Doesn't it looks like he belongs on that couch?


     Ben was next, he worked for a customer of ours, and it just so happened that the transition from Milk Man to Custom Farming Man all came about wonderfully for us! He is softspoken and funny and kind.  He has a wonderful smile, and he ALWATS brings me back his Tupperware container!!

Often we have others come and help out when it is super busy. Nick (one of the most boisterous, sweet, funniest kids I have met, Joel (who is incredibly wonderful, because his day job is as a mechanic!), Brandon (The Spare's long time friend and buyer of pick up trucks), Mike (Farmer was the best man at his very recent wedding, congratulations!) are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Ben's friend Andrew had come last year to help, and this year he became the third employee. He is quiet and often is doing the job that needs to be done all by himself. He speaks lovingly of his wife and daughter. Bruce says he is incredible strong!

I see these guys as much as I see my own family. I feed them, deliver coffee, provisions fuel, DEF to them.
     They sleep on my couches when they can get a few hours in. I often come downstairs in the middle of the night and hear (one of them snores, but I won't tell who) them sleeping.

     How amazing it is to have found young men this dedicated to their job. How lucky we are that their wife (A) and girlfriends (B & J) are understanding of what it is they have chosen to do.

With all the stops and starts (5 calls re: winter wheat, one research frenzy, Purolator man, weigh office call and meeting, lunch, my sweet Erin calling me to chat, various texts from my bar lovelies, one facebook peruse, waiting for emails to come through... this post took me about 5 hours to compose.

Anyway, it is Friday afternoon, and I have to get back to my crazy life.
Have an amazing weekend all!

From all of us at Stoneridge Custom, may your crops be bountiful and your sleep be deep.

Enjoy the colours October brings!

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